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Colloquium title: Identity, language ideologies, and family language policy among indigenous, immigrant, and refugee families in New Zealand 

Colloquium organizer: Mi Yung Park (University of Auckland)

Colloquium title: Entangled language ideologies, multilingualism, and language policy in transnational/ethnic minority families

Colloquium co-organizers: Prem Phyak (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Mi Yung Park (University of Auckland)


Research Grants

Project title: Linguistic diversity and linguistic discrimination [Co-investigator with Stephen May, PI, Faculty of Education, Peter Keegan, AI, Faculty of Education] 

Project title: Korean as a foreign language (KFL) learners’ motivation, demotivation, and language achievement: The Australian and New Zealand context 

Project title: Language use, language maintenance, and ethnic identity among Korean heritage speakers in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii) [Co-investigator with Min Jung Jee, PI, University of Queensland, and Sang Yee Cheon, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa]

Project title: Family language policies and language use among Korean migrant families in New Zealand

Project title: Language use and identity construction of mixed-heritage children in South Korea

Project title: Exploring language learning and identity in the context of migration


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